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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Another hobby

A couple of weeks ago, I was on the phone with my BFF and she asked me if I had any hand made cards in my stash that I could send her. I did not, as I had, a couple of months ago, donated them to a card drive at church for veterans and nursing home residents. The conversation moved on to other things but the cards lingered in the back of my mind until yesterday when I just had to make some. It was a task that was going to be more than just sitting down and stamping merrily away. 95% of my stamping gear is packed in boxes that are stacked about 8 high and 2 deep in our garage. So I spent about 20 minutes moving boxes around trying to find enough supplies to make a bunch of cards. I had some success, although I had to use my scraps since I could not find the box with the whole sheets of paper. This restricted my color combos since I could only use colors that had a piece large enough to make a whole card. But I was still able to get some good mixes.

I also let Littlest Miss stamp with me. She loved it and even though the table now has some ink stains, it was worth it.

Also, late last night my oldest asked me if I could make a cover for her required school planner. They have to have it on their person at all times. It acts as a hall pass among other things. She was tired of having it in a binder adding to her already heavy backpack (they don't have lockers here). I made her one with some yardage I was hoarding but unfortunately it ended up about 1/2 inch too small. So frustrating! So now I need to find something that will fit in it. :)

I have not worked on my Quilt Along blocks at all this last week and I don't know if I will make the Wednesday deadline. We shall see. Maybe I can work on them today during naptime.

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