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Friday, August 17, 2012

A wallet and some blocks and some other stuff

 First off, it is so totally cool that my special Antique Double Wedding Ring Quilt was mentioned on The History Quilter's podcast yesterday. Visit her website and give the podcast a listen. Susan is always fun and interesting.

Remember this?:

After much seam ripping (I sewed them all together backwards) and re-sewing, it became this:

I used the Jelly Roll Race method with the 1 1/2 mini jelly rolls.  It might become a pillow, or a bag or a table topper, or a doll quilt. What do you think?

I have had a plan for a while to make a wallet and since I just went to an all cash budget system I needed something different than what I was using. I wanted 2 zipper pockets for cash so I could, in theory, separate the cash for the 2 major budget categories I am working with, Household and Grocery. I wrote out my desired dimensions and things I needed to have, like somewhere for the checkbook, receipts and credit cards. And then I just dove in. I had 2 fat quarters from Jo-Ann's to work with and I used a heavier interfacing than I usually do. I used up quite a bit of fabric trying different ways to make the pockets work. So much that when I started putting in the zippers and discovered I forgot to cut the lining, that I had to use some Michael's white fabric I had from making test blocks. :) It turned out pretty much like I had planned, although it could be about 1/2" wider, to make it a little easier to close/fold in half and stiffer interfacing would make it better, or possibly a quilted outside layer, since it is a little floppy. I also "lose" coins in the long zippered areas so I am going to make a little coin purse to tuck into a pocket. It's not perfect and I certainly could not sell these, but it works!

These photos are blinding, I know. They were taken with my phone.

 I also made 2 more blocks for the Beginner's Quilt Along. I lost a point in the purple one. I only just noticed it. Oh well.
 I am already running out of the brights fabric and the white in the purple blocks won't make it much further. Good thing we are almost done!

Block 10B

Block 10

 P.S. I am VERY ready for school to start.
I am having ice cream for lunch.
These 2 things are related. :)

 P.P.S. I was on week 7:1 Ease into 5 K and had to back up to week 5 due to minor injury. Also did our first round of Yoga(DVD) yesterday ! It was interesting.


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