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Thursday, August 9, 2012

A little of this and that...

One of the alternate activities to sewing in the last week.

I have had a little bit of sewing time that wasn't brain frying and although I missed the deadline to enter for a prize, I did get my 2 blocks done for the Beginner's Quilt along yesterday.

Block 9 BQA
Block 9B BQA
 Also, the other night, while I was showing my husband the iterations of the crayon folder, he mentioned that it was similar to how he would like his Kindle case to be, sans the fastener. So, since I was in folder mode, I had him choose a fabric (I have no clue how I got this fabric, by the way) and while he was delivering his brother to the airport, I made him a Kindle cover. I added some test blocks from the Hot Wheels quilt that didn't make the cut to add some pizazz.  The pocket is just a hair too snug, (it was fine until I did the top-stitching) but at least we know it won't fall out. ;)

And I finally finished 30  Polaroid blocks to swap in Debbie's Picture Perfect Polaroid block swap. Well, 35 got sent, but I am only swapping 30.
Here is a sampling. I adore the little cowboy.



  1. How fun! Where did you go? we were in Bethany, DE two weeks ago...so fun!!! =)

  2. I think we are due for a day at the beach too!! That sounds perfect. I love the cowboy too!

  3. Love our So Cal beaches! Hey...do I spy a quilt in that photo? :) As always your blocks looks great - your points are perfect. Yea a kindle case! I should make one for my older son...thank you for the inspiration. Your Polaroids are super cute! I will be sewing mine up today and sending them off to Debbie just in time!