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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Work in Progress Wednesday: 07-18-12

I still haven't been able to bring myself to look at the Hot Wheels Quilt to rip out seams, so it remains a W.I.P.


I believe the one about the Hot Wheels Quilt top being done was the last WIP Wed. report I gave. So I have a little catching up to do.

I was at scout camp all last week from 8am until 3 pm, except for Wednesday, with my son,  which was awesome but exhausting. I was only signed up for 2 days but there were several people who dropped out of volunteer staff at the last minute and I was fairly free so I helped out 2 extra days.
Because of that, and the birthday the last few weeks have been more or less just working on the blocks for the Beginner’s Quilt Along.

I have made 3 blocks since the last WIP post making 6 total.

This is last week's block. I am going to do it again without the yellow. For one thing, I had some stretching issues with the center block after I sewed both the top and bottom rows upside down and had to take out the seams. The point on my HSTs are sloppy, and while I love the yellow in this block, there is no other yellow in any other block.


 I have also been cutting fussy cut pieces for the Picture Perfect Polaroid block swap hosted by Debbie of A Quilter's Table. I am still unsure about how many blocks I will be sending but, it looks like at least 20.

Tuesday I got some good solid sewing time in and finished the promised scripture tote for my son. His scripture bag broke a few weeks ago and since he has the large print version of the scriptures I needed to make him a "custom" bag.  He has the large print because when he was first learning to read, he would get easily lost in the tiny print when it was his turn to read during family scripture study. So we got him the large print version and he had a much easier time of it after that. When he turns 8 and is baptized he will get to choose new scriptures and a case, but in the meantime he needed a bag to carry his scriptures to church.


I found some fabric that I liked and he liked it too. I also got some nylon webbing for the handles. I used the basic instructions from the Poochie Bag to make it, just changing the dimensions. The webbing is a little bulky at the bottom but, oh well. It will be sturdy!  :)

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  1. Very cute! We have scout camp coming up soon!! Luckily I'm not going :-).

  2. love your pieces...great color...and the little swap ones are just too cute!!

  3. Ha! I remember those days of cub day camp. . . just got back from girls camp myself. I'm fascinated with your hotwheels quilt. Is the black ckecked pieced? intriguing colors. thanks for sharing.

  4. Those are some really fun prints for your Picture Perfect swap.

  5. Your Beginner's QAL blocks are so pretty! I love the prints you chose for your picture swap, that rhino is too cute! Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday!