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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Total Color Tuesday: Complementary Colors

My Fat Quarter Color Wheel

Total Color Tuesday at Quilting for the Rest of Us has been a fun learning experience so far. I had way too much fun playing in my fabric tonight while my husband was off with his pals playing games.
Editing the photos was a little more tiresome. Sorry for the poor photos, I had to use my phone and it was late, and the light is terrible under the best of circumstances. I think it kind of defeats the purpose of sharing to use cruddy photos. Oh well.

This week we moved on from analogous and started complementary colors.

I didn't have any really great matches and one of the things I am learning is that I need to branch out in my fabric choices. I lean heavily to certain shades of red in particular.

I worked with Yellow and Purple, Red and Green, and Light Blue and a sort of Coral Pink.

I didn't love any of these especially, but the bottom right one was my favorite in this group. I love that rich purple in the center photos. Yum.

 Again, nothing special here either, but they all felt rather Christmas-y and I am so not in the mood to think about Christmas. The small floral print is a lime green but none of the photos shows it well. The one in the top right group is the closest.

 These are my favorites. I love the light blues and corals. The polka dot looks very blue but it has a very light aqua look to it in real life. The floral that looks yellow/orange is an apricot color that leans to yellow.
I found a couple of combinations that I have noted for further exploration and one that I loved. That is the polka dot and the bottom floral. It does not translate well in the photos at all, which is unfortunate. You will have to take my word for it, that it is pretty.
Which is why it became one of my choices to do the next part, which is Complementary with an accent.

 You see my favorite on the top left. That blue is very blue/green in real life, not so much the royal blue it looks here. I hate the middle combo, the light green, red and pink(ish). The last one looks pretty decent in real life as well, but I don't think I would make a quilt with it.

I really could have played with these all night. And now I feel the terrible/wonderful urge to shop for fabric. :)

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  1. How fun playing with your fabric! I should branch out and do the color matching like you - though I fear I'd want to buy more fabric also :)