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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tasty Tuesday: Slow Cooker Bread, Etc

Sunday I made rolls to go with our lasagna. I had been told recently that dough for rolls didn't need to rise before shaping to be successful, so I decided it was time for an experiment. I made this dough recipe, substituting about a cup and a half of whole wheat flour in for some of the white.
Then I shaped rolls and put them in the pan to rise during the first half of the baking time for the lasagna.
I formed the rest of the dough into a ball and put it back into a greased bowl for it's first rise.
About 20 minutes before the lasagna was done, the rolls went in and they came out at 20 minutes looking very nice. And guess what!? They worked just fine! I just cut nearly 2 hours of prep time off this particular roll recipe.

I followed the recipe for the second batch of rolls, doing a first and second rise as  a dough ball and a 3rd rise shaped as rolls. They were pretty much the same as the 1 rise rolls in texture.

Since I still had a substantial amount of dough left (doing only 9 rolls per pan will do that), I decided to see how this dough fared as a loaf of bread. I put it into the pan and covered it and then remembered that a few days ago, I had  "pinned" a slow cooker bread recipe! Out of the pan came the dough and into a parchment paper lined slow cooker it went.
The instructions say it should be done in an hour, cooked on high. Mine was not and truthfully, I was not paying very close attention to how long past that it went, but it was a while. At least half an hour. (I was reading blogs! LOL).

It turned out fine too. I had a couple of slices with strawberry jam for breakfast this morning.
So go dig out the slow cooker and give it a try!
Here is the link to the instructions I used.

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