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Saturday, July 7, 2012

A little celebration

There was a birthday in the house this week. Littlest Miss requested a paw-print cake. I was ever so grateful, as originally she wanted Lightning McQueen.

Image from http://www.wilton.com/store/site/product.cfm?id=11B685D4-423B-522D-F3EB06924B1CF90A&killnav=1
Just a wee bit detailed.

Then she saw the paw-print pan at Michael's and changed her mind. Thank goodness. :)

I used my new Wilton Dessert Decorator Plus.
Image from http://www.wilton.com/store/site/product.cfm?id=4A2AD8C9-1E0B-C910-EA157279ED36CED0

It has much bigger tips than I am used to, but boy was it fast to decorate that cake. And so much easier on my hands. Thank you Michael's for 50% off!

The Birthday girl
 The party was simple. No decorations except a cute disposable tablecloth to protect my table. Her friends came for an hour. She opened 3 gifts. They ate cake and ice cream.(Sort of.) Then they played with Play-Doh, which they took home as a party favor. This is one birthday party that will not be making an  appearance on Pinterest.
And they also chased each other screaming through the house for 10 minutes when they were done with the Play-Doh. :) They are 3 after all.




  1. Happy Birthday to your little cutie! Amy, your cake is perfect and very happy for you that she changed her cake request. :)

  2. haha! I don't know, maybe if we all start putting our normal birthdays on Pinterest it won't make us all feel so enormously inadequate LOL! Looks perfect to me! My kids don't even get a special cake... just round and frosted as best as I can, which doesn't look great, since I only do it a few times a year. In fact, they have now started to request store-bought cakes from the bakery :-O. Happy mama-versary to you!!

  3. The cake sure turned out cute. Can't believe it's K's bday. Didn't you just have her? Man... time sure flies by.