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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Library Bags

Last week I decided we needed better library bags since we each get 5 or 6 books every time we go and my big bag would get extremely heavy. It would work better for everyone to have their own bag.

I wanted to do something fun as a family so I went to Michael's a couple of times last week to take advantage of 40% off coupons and bought 6 Canvas bags ($9.99 for 3 without coupon) and some fabric markers ($4.99 without coupon).

Then Saturday everyone but Littlest Miss, who was napping, sat down together and decorated their bag. T went with a book theme, with his version of the book cover. J drew a bunch of things he likes and had fun just drawing. M went a step further and beaded her Monogram. Daddio did his Software Engineer style and wrote some code complete with a hidden Easter egg on the bottom. I did a quilt block. Littlest Miss woke up and wrote some "letters" and shapes on her bag and was insistent on using every color. (I think she missed a couple though.)

 Here are the works of art:



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