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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Work in Progress Wednesday: The Hot Wheels Quilt

I have been working here and there on the Hot Wheels Quilt, which has my son incredibly excited. I was actually almost done, just getting ready to add the last borders when I decided to check with him and see if he wanted anything else. And he did. A blue stripe. *Sigh*
I was liking how it looked, very clean and crisp with the black, white and grey and just those pops of white and orange. I don't really care for the blue, but he likes it. So in it went. I need to piece the bottom stripe. I added in the black and white row for interest. It was pretty blah without it. I need to remember that this quilt is for him, not me and not let my ego get in the way. :) Here it is as of Tuesday afternoon, with only a sneak peek.




  1. Very cute quilt...and a little cutie behind it.

  2. this may come through twice..my signal is bugging me today...lol. I love the quilt. I just now realized that you are the one who sent me the mini jellyroll. I am so sorry that I couldn't remember where I won it!!!

    I did post about it when it arrived; I simply love the fabric and the buttons...even threw in some elastic...thank you so very much. and I apologize for not remembering.

  3. Cute!! I love the blue stripe!!

  4. I like the blue strip...but I have learned through the years...don't ask them. They will love what you make them.

  5. The blue stripe really brings out the blue in the print - those quilt recipients with opinions can really be inconvenient, though! ;)

    Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday!