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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

WIP Wednedsday June 20 2012


What I am working on right now (or "Works in Progress"), is the Hot Wheels Quilt. Now, I have been absolutely itching to cut into that cute fat quarter stack I got last week at Fat Quarters Quilt Shop on the So-Cal Quilter's Run. But I am sticking to my goals of finishing those certain items this summer, the Hot Wheels quilt, and the 2 quilts that need to be bound.

Pieces for the top and bottom borders.

The black and white check fabric hanging on the chair will be the outside border. I forgot to add that to the photos of the quilt shop goodies I bought last week.


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  1. You have more self control than I do...Good luck sticking to your goals! Always nice to see what you're working on