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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Total Color Tuesday link up for June 5

Sandy at Quilting for the Rest of Us is doing a new link up guided by a book Called Color Magic for Quilters.
 Each Tuesday she will post information about color choices for quilts and gives an assignment so to speak, that you can link up.
 I have not done week one, but here is week two, analogous colors.

This first group was hard mainly because I don't have a lot of blues and greens in my stash. The one on the far right sometimes looks purple and sometimes more navy depending on what it is next to. The one on the far left is a sage green but it got pretty washed out. The light in my house is not photo friendly.


This one came together quickly. They are from just 2 fabric lines, so it was pretty simple. These were from the scrap bins. It was interesting to see how close they are in values.


I would like to do this at a quilt shop with lots of fabric choices to play with. It is hard with just my baby stash. Fun though!



  1. I love the fact that you posted grayscale versions of the same to look for value. I should start doing that too. Great idea! Either of your options there would work as a quilt, I think, although as you pointed out, the second one might benefit from more contrast. But love the colors! Thanks so much for playing along. Get ready--it's going to start getting even more fun! :-)

  2. Never feel bad you have a small stash... I think it was bad advise just to collect fabric for collecting sake... doing one project at a time with the right fabric is much better. Even when you have a big stash to pick from... you either make do with some fabric not quite right or end up having to shop for the perfect fabric. I wish I had not collected such a large stash... but I do call it my retirement plan.