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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Southern California Quilter's Run - round 2

I wish I had time, gasoline, and money to keep shop hopping! It is so fun! There are 2 more shops that are only about 30 minutes from me, but with hubby out of town, and my oldest (babysitting) daughter away at camp, I have done what I can. Here are today's acquisitions.

These are patterns I ordered from Fat Quarters Quilt Shop that came in yesterday.

 I hope if you are anywhere near the shops, you will take time to go see them. Quilt in a Day has tons of bolts for $5 and $6 a yard!




  1. Oh you went to Quilt in a Day? Yay! Excited for you that you were able to visit two shops and picked up all those goodies. Really like those patterns you received from Fat Quarters Quilt Shop. Which one do you have your eye on to start first?