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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Other stuff

I have been busy sewing like mad this week. My daughter gave me her birthday wish list and with budget being what it is, a handmade (from the stash) gift seemed a good way to go. The only thing on her list that I could make was a knitting needle case. I found a good tutorial (here) and late Monday night I got sewing. It took about 4 hours to make this. I changed the pattern by doubling the cut size of the pockets and folding them in half, then doing a topstitch across the top. I did this first, because I was not using canvas and second, because I did not have any bias binding. Everything else was according to the directions of the tutorial.

I used leftover fabric from my daughter's cowgirl quilt (free from MIL), batting (free from a friend) and ribbon from my collection and thread of course. I added a ruffle, but I don't actually like it. I think it took it to a "country" look that I don't care for, but it was too late to change it.My top stitching leaves much to be desired.   I also forgot to stay stitch the ruffle so it is going to fray to the death. :) I really should not sew so late into the night. It shows. :P

Tuesday was spent applying binding to the Sherbet quilt, that I shared yesterday on WIP Wednesday.
I am so glad to have that long-time UFO finished. That was my very first "real" quilt.

TP#200 - "Take 5" found at http://www.the-teachers-pet.com/tpindex.html

Then Tuesday night I got a wild hair and decided my daughter's awesome teacher, who mentored her for the county spelling bee, needed an end of year thank you gift. Wednesday was the last day of school, so it was do or die time. Her teacher has a running joke that she is the queen, (at the very least queen of spelling) so something with a crown seemed appropriate. After some searching online, I found a block that I could make look like a crown and got to work. Until 1:30am. CRAZY! I started around 9pm. Did I say CRAZY??!!
The crown really needed some more something but I did not have it in me to figure out what that something was at midnight. So, it is simple and hopefully recognizable as a crown. I think I would leave off the bottom yellow strip if I made it again. I think it looks a little too tall. Or maybe widen the strips.
It's a cheater quilt, with no binding required, by just quilting the top to the batting and then sewing the back to the front right sides together, then turning it.
I intended it to be a small wall hanging but after I finished and was getting ready to topstitch it, the project told me it was not a wall hanging but a pillow. I tried to rebel but in the end it became a pillow.
I forgot to label it (tired!) and writing directly on the back was not an option since the back is black.


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