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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

WIP Wedneday: Hot Wheels

I have been making progress on a quilt that has long deserved my attention. That quilt is the Hot Wheels quilt, promised to my son ages ago, probably going on 2 years. He has nearly outgrown his love of Hot Wheels. But luckily he was still interested in having the quilt. This is what I got done today.
I chose the pattern out of my untouched pattern stash. I am accepting the fact that I am not a designer. :) Not that I did not tweak this one to fit my needs.
I started with Lock Up by Crafty Gemini. I did not have near enough of the flame fabric (fat quarter!) to make the whole quilt, which would have been very cool, so I made 4 of the blocks, turning them the way I wanted them. Then I added the borders in the black and grey fabric to up the size a bit. I have plans for a couple more borders but I need to think and do some math (ugh) before I move forward.

As you can see, this is not actual "Hot Wheels" fabric, but when a 5 year old who loves Hot Wheels sees this fabric while shopping with mom, there is no convincing him otherwise. I looked and looked for more of the flames, but had no luck.

The linky at Freshly Pieced is always fantastic! Go check it out!


  1. I wouldn't fret over being to perfect with the borders - its a great quilt, the fabric does all the talking in this one. Your son isn't going to care or know if there is a little mistake somewhere - he will love it! (when it's finished)

  2. Kathy said:

    Nice! This is going to be fun to quilt too!

    *Kathy, I hit something funky in my phone when I was trying to reply to your comment and rejected it. (That has never come up before.) Thanks for the sweet commment!

  3. Very nice quilt, I know all too well about taking some time to get to a certain project, and wanting to make bigger when I have ran out of fabrics.keep up the good work,it will get there.

  4. Love the flame fabric! Will be a good looking boy quilt - he will be happy with it, I'm sure! :D