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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Renaissance Fair Costume - parts 1 and 2

My daughter came home last week, and told me she needed a period accurate (as possible) costume for the school Renaissance Fair happening this Thursday.
 Ummmm.... I don't do clothes. Well, other than little skirts that have like 4 straight seams.

The skirts were no trouble, just a couple yard of fabric and make a long version of Littlest Miss's skirts.

The shirt, (which is part 2, in case that wasn't clear) was not so easy. Big learning curve. Lots of fudging. But a shirt we have. Technically it is the "shift" part of the costume or the undershirt.

And with the skirts.

I have the vest  (part 3) close to done, just need to do a fitting and put the grommets in.



  1. awesome! Im not much of a clothes person either so way to go on STARTING.. i rarely get past that point! I went to the texas ren fest last year and would LOVE to make a costume to go in next year! (which is totally not a thing i would normally like to do)

  2. Looks good to me, good "fudging!"