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Saturday, May 12, 2012

A little of this and that

I have been working on a few things here and there and also had a couple of things I have been meaning to post, but have not gotten around to it, so this is a catch-all/catch-up post.

First was a little clarification on the part that I broke on my sewing machine. This is the spool pin. The one on the left is the new one. Obviously the one on the right is the old (broken) one. The new one is very tight in the hole and I am afraid of breaking it again when I pull it out to put the machine away.

This is how the spool pin sits in the machine.

A little sewing tip from my smarty mother in law. Put those empty tissue boxes to work as your sewing space trash can!

Last week a friend agreed to come sew with me, if I would teach her something to make. I decided to make another skirt like this one.

The night before I thought I had better refresh my memory on how to make them, so I made one using my husband's dress shirt that got a hole in the pocket. Silly me did not photograph the process, but I just buttoned up the shirt, cut across it (I cut off the shirttails and under the pocket) to make a tube, and sewed the button strip shut. Then I measured to get the right length, did a little trim, and then did the hem and waistband as directed in the tutorial. So easy!
Littlest Miss saw it the next morning and said "Mommy! You make me a pretty skirt!!". Of course, she had to wear it so I had to go get the butterfly skirt to use for our reference sample.

Just a pretty flower. :)

I have a couple of friends who need a baby gift from me, so yesterday this is what I worked on. I was all set to use my new gathering foot and it would not attach to my machine. I guess the shop picked out the wrong one for me. One of these days I will go exchange it. I did the ribbon the old fashioned way, with basting and gathering. I was going to put a ribbon rose on it, but after thinking about how much I take mine in and out of my bag, decided not to. It probably wouldn't stay on long.

Diaper & wipes clutch: Sew Mama Sew

This week, supposedly, is teacher appreciation week. The kids' schools/PTAs gave no indication of such an event, so I took it upon myself to say thanks. Another blogger posted this idea (http://ourlifeinaclick.blogspot.com/2010/06/teacher-gifts-part-1.html) so I ran with it. The tags were printed from anther blog (http://lisastorms.typepad.com/lisa-storms/2011/05/teacher-appreciation-week-part-3.html) where she used no spill cups, but the only ones I could find were $12-$15 each, which seemed a little crazy to me.  So we went with the $7 drink jugs and some Crystal Light lemonade mix and a shaped ice cube tray. Less than $10 each. Yay! The tags said "Thank you for quenching my thirst for knowledge."  I just hope they don't get a bunch of them. Pinterest is a wonderful place but everyone seems to hit the same popular ideas. I got them off blogs, but you know they had to have been pinned a bunch. :P
Anyway, the feedback from 2 of 3 teachers was good, so it works.

And last, is the gift that I gave my mom and sisters, that I think I have forgotten to post since February. I have a friend who made me this super cool and beautiful book mark for my birthday last year. She agreed to make 3 for me for a very reasonable price and I gave them to the girls in my family for their birthdays this year.


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