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Friday, May 18, 2012

Bloggers Quilt Festival Entry: Strawberry Lemonade

Amy's Creative Side

Bloggers' Quilt Festival, hosted by Amy at Amy's Creative Side has begun. I decided to share the quilt I just barely finished for 2 reasons. First is because I just plain love it. Second, because I enjoyed the process of making something as an act of service, even though it was a rush job.

I will share the background again.

This last Sunday, we were told of a little girl, a member of our ward (congregation) who had just had major surgery on her head. She is 3, about the same age as Littlest Miss. The surgery was apparently very scary, did not go well, but ended well. She is out of ICU and back at home now. She had big screws put into her skull, that I believe have to be turned at given intervals. Her mom had intended to alter a Cabbage Patch doll to have screws in it's head to give her some understanding about what was happening with her own head. Her mom ran out of time, so one of the ladies in the ward offered to take care of it. I decided to help out too and make a little doll quilt to send with the doll. She got the doll on Monday or Tuesday an loved it. I didn't finish the quilt in time to send it with the doll, but it made it into the hands of the lady who is delivering it for me Wednesday night. I decided not to let them know who made it, just that someone in the ward wanted her to have a special quilt.

 The quilt is made mostly from scraps left over from my first official quilt, the Sherbet Quilt. The white is also from my stash. The batting was given to me by a friend, so I did not purchase anything to make this quilt. I did a self binding on the quilt for the same reason; there was no fabric left for binding. I probably won't use this technique often, because while it was efficient, time and fabric-wise, if the backing isn't something that complements the top, it can look off (I would have preferred the dark pink left as the edge here). And, there is only one layer of fabric on that highly used and abused edge, so durability is a concern. I hope it holds up well for her and I hope she loves it and gets to use it as often as she likes.

Here is Strawberry Lemonade, a sweet little quilt for a sweet little girl.

Doll Quilt for A.B. #140 in the link up for voting purposes

No label. Oops!

The flimsy for size reference. I think it finished about 43 or 44 inches square.



  1. Super cute! I love pinwheels. They look yummy in these colors!

  2. Very sweet! The name and the backing are perfect for it, too.

  3. very sweet~

    margaret gunn

  4. So great to hear about a really good church community caring for each other! It's a very sweet quilt, hope it will bring her some comfort through such a tough time.

  5. Aww, what a brave little girl! As a brain surgery survivor, I feel for her and her family. What a beautiful quilt!

  6. I appreciate the desire to have the pink as the last color on the top but I love the yellow/pink edging. I think it finishes it off great and really helps pull your eye to the center of the quilt.

    The quilt is beautiful and the name is great, conjures images of summertime fun, sunshine and of course, little girls playing in it! What a wonderful gift you've created.

  7. Love the colors what you did is perfect

  8. So pretty! I also love the border fabric and think it was perfect for the outside edge. Here's my prayers for the little girl to accompany your quilt. XOXO

  9. Those colors are just perfect together :)

  10. You just gave me a great idea for a baby quilt. Love the pinwheels.

  11. Perfect name for this quilt, and what a lovely gift. I'm certain your little recipient will not let it out of her sight - so thoughtful of you.

  12. It's adorable! I really like the fabric on the back as well. It's really pretty and different.

  13. I love pinwheels, very pretty!

  14. sweet quilt and sweet story. hope all continues to go well for the little girlie! thanks for sharing and have a great day.

  15. darling quilt and sweet, sweet story. hope little girlie girl continues to mend and do well. thanks for sharing and have a great day