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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Work In Progress Wednesday: April 25 2012

 It's Wednesday and I actually have a tiny bit of progress to share for Work In Progress Wednesday.  I am linking up at Lee's.

 First were towels for a birthday gift that were late, thanks to my klutziness with my sewing machine. Her favorite color is red and her blog name has banana in it, thus the banana fabric. :) I had to squeeze out the top piece on the gingham towel as I had barely enough fabric. The ribbon just fit through. It seems my red stash is sorely lacking.
I have one single towel un-decorated left in my stash. I may make it up for a gal here who is moving into a new house as a little housewarming gift. Also,  here is a little tip for these towels that my sister shared with me. Her oven does not have a handle that works with these, so she put them in her kid's bathroom so the towels stay on the rack in there too! Brilliant! :)


Then I cut binding strips for the 3 quilts I have quilted. This is really my WIP stuff. And UFO stuff.  I might even get them sewn and pressed by next Wednesday. Wouldn't that be something!

Next was another late project for the special edition of Friday Night Sew In. I was sure I had plenty of coordinating yardage to make several pillowcases. Nope. I just had enough for one. But one is better than none. ;)


And last was a project that was on my to-do list for a while. That became very obvious when I found the document I created from the blog post in several places on my computer. I have seen the cute drawstring bags on several blogs. The tutorial is at the blog "In Color Order", authored by Jeni.
Last week Susan at the History Quilter posted that she is making some for her boys so they have been on my brain. I had planned yesterday to be a sewing day and had intended to catch up on Sewing 101 lessons (which was also delayed by my klutziness) and also get my fabric out for the bag we are making. But the next lesson needed a printout (no toner in the printer) and the yardage I had intended to use for the bag, that I bought ages ago when it was being cleared out of my LQS, was in half yard cuts. Not going to work. I tried to fit the pattern and it was a no go. And I had nothing else in my stash big enough.  So Sewing 101 got put on hiatus. (Bummer.)

So I went into action with plan B. I grabbed some fat quarters, let my daughter pick a couple and made her a bag to carry her "stuff" in. It was fast and fun. The only thing that bugged me a bit, was that I would have liked to have known earlier in the tutorial that cutting 2 pieces for the exterior was not absolutely necessary. It was mentioned after the cutting instructions had been given, when she is telling you how to join up the 2 pieces for the exterior. That is a great asterisk point to put in the cutting instructions. YEP.

 Anyway... Littlest Miss likes her bag and has filled it with hot wheels and puzzle pieces and plastic jewelry.


  1. lol....she is so cute with her little bag,

  2. Littlest Miss is a DOLL. :) And I love her owl bag.. so cute! Cute pillowcase, and love the towels, that is a good idea for a kids bathroom. I love those funky monkey banana prints!