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Friday, April 13, 2012

Sewing 101 and an oops!

I have joined in taking Raechel Meyers Sewing 101 class and made it through 7 lessons before I had a little accident that put my machine out of commission. I did not take a photo, so you will have to use your imagination a little. Here is a picture of my machine from Janome's website. You can only just barely see it, but there is, up on top there, behind the handle, the spool pin that holds the thread.

I had just loaded it with thread to sew patches on my son's scout uniform and could not find the plastic cover to the bobbin case. I tilted the machine back to see if I had knocked it underneath and lost my grip and the machine crashed to the table snapping off the spool pin. I am 99% sure that I saw replacements at SewingMachinesPlus.com's Brick and Mortar store, so tomorrow I am going to head up there to get a new one.  Too bad I can't use it as an excuse to get a new machine. :P Oh, and there may be a trip to a quilt show if I am lucky!

I will be playing catch up on the last 2 days' lessons which are darts and marking, and tucks.


  1. Oh no! Sorry to hear you had an uh oh!

  2. Oh NO! Your heart must have stopped when it fell over. Glad it wasn't worse.