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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

WIP Wednesday: March 28

Welcome to Work In Progress Wednesday! I have a couple of projects I am working on, with the first being new basket liners.
A couple of weeks ago I bought some baskets that were half price at Michael's to keep my kitchen towels in. The baskets came with liners, but since they had been sitting on the shelf both in the store and outside on the sidewalk shelving, I wanted to make sure they were clean before I put my clean kitchen towels in them. I threw them in the wash and they came out like this:

 Not exactly usable anymore. I had anticipated this possibility though, and took measurements in case I needed to make new liners.
I finished 2 out of three and the third is cut and waiting to be put together. I had to use fabric I had on hand, and this was what I had that had enough to make all 3 liners. I am pretty sure this fabric was earmarked for something, but I don't know what. Hopefully, whatever it was, there will be enough left to do it. :)

The  third liner got put aside in order to use my kitchen table to feed my family a meal or two, and then to work on the Rocky and Bullwinkle quilt. It is coming along. I decided kind of spur of the moment last night to chop up all the remaining fabric and make a scrappy border. It is still going to be pretty small for my dad. I hope to get the top done today. It is my dad's birthday today, so I did not make the deadline, which is a bit of a bummer.
The blue off to the left side there is the flannel backing.

Those are my WIPs for the moment!
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  1. Cute baskets! I hope you didn't use important fabric for them! ;)
    And sad that you didn't make the deadline, but these things happen! You can still finish it and have it be loved, even if you missed his birthday :S

  2. Your dad will understand and no doubt be glad he waited patiently for this special quilt. The basket liners look great. You are very talented, and that was a good thought - I'm not sure it would even have occurred to me to wash, and if it did, to measure for new ones! You were a scout!

  3. WOW, they really did fall apart in the wash! Loving your replacements though, they look fabulous.

  4. The basket liners look great! Necessity really is the mother of invention! Hi Mom!

  5. You were so smart to measure before you put the liners in the wash - wow....they really disintegrated in the wash. Your new liners look great - look like they've always been there. Like the scrappy border on the Rocky & Bullwinkle quilt - good luck finishing up the top. :)