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Monday, March 19, 2012

New Page

You might have noticed the new page I added to the tabs at the top. People who share my religious beliefs, (Mormons) are in the news quilt a bit right now with the Presidential race. I just wanted to share a little bit, since most of my readers know I am Mormon. We are different, but it is a good different. Obviously it is up to you if you want to visit the page.
This doesn't change my quilty/crafty stuff at all. Just wanted to share. :)



  1. thanks for sharing! I think its really important for Mormans to do right now to remind everyone that they are our neighbors and friends from all over, who are pretty normal folks and not some crazy group of weirdos from Utah! (yes i realize that you are from utah... so i was just joking there) Im liking Romney so far!!!

  2. You cracked me up with the "We are different" comment not that I think the Mormon faith is "different" but that you stated it in your post. :) Happy for you that you feel comfortable enough to put your faith out there and thank you for the research option for us who are not all that knowledgeable about the Mormon faith.