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Friday, March 2, 2012

March is Reading Month

When my son was younger he brought home a calendar with a special reading assignment for every day of March for Reading Month.  I am going to post it here for you just for fun.

Week 1
Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss! Read a book by Dr. Seuss.
Read a book about another country
Read to a stuffed animal
Read a road map and plan an imaginary trip
Read with someone older or younger than you
Read a shirt day
Go to the public library and read a book there

Week 2
Read a non-fiction book about an animal
Read some jokes and riddles
Tell a family member a story
Read a comic book
Do a word search or crossword puzzle
Read a button day
Read a recipe and make something good to eat

Week 3
Read instead of watching TV or playing video games today
St. Patrick's Day! Read "Green Eggs and Ham" By Dr. Seuss
Play a word game like Hangman
Read a magazine
Read a book about spring
Read a book by your favorite author
Play a board game like scrabble with your family

Week 4
Read the comics from the Sunday paper
Read a fiction book about an animal
Read a book by a Texas author
Read a bout a famous person
Readers Choice! You choose what you read
Read-in-day at home;  PJ day
Design a cover for one of your favorite books

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