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Sometimes things turn out well so I will share with you how I did it.
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Sunday, March 18, 2012


Which layout? I am not sure I like the yellow. The 4 patch  blocks in some of the pictures are not laying right. At least one of them was turned. 8 is almost right with just the upper left one backwards.

What do you think. I am stumped. None of them are great, but it is all I have.
Suggestions? I can't add any fabric that isn't pictured.


  1. My vote....number 8! :-) I wasn't taking to well to the yellow either haha!

  2. I like either 4 or 8. Definitely not the yellow.

  3. I also like two...I think with out the yellow its a bit bland

  4. I first checked this out with my tiny iphone and knew that I couldn't leave a comment as I could barely see the photos...ok so now on my computer. I'm going with #8.