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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Fun stuff for a friend

I left a good friend back in Texas whom I had planned on making place mats with ('cause I know she can do it!!!) and I even had the fabric purchased for her test place mat. Well, things happened and I never got to make them with her. :( 
BUT a few weeks ago she posted a comment that she liked the Stay Put Kitchen towels (I am kind of tired of posting that phrase btw. I have made A LOT of them)  so since I had enough fabric that was purchased to go in her kitchen, I made her a place mat and towel to match. She has an apple theme in her kitchen, thus the red and green.
She got them in the mail today so I can finally post pictures.

I used the tutorial here for the patchwork place mat. I did not use batting or fleece as she suggested, just lined both front and back with interfacing. And I cut and sewed 17 pieces for the strip of patchwork and only used 13.

And below are the towels I made for my mom and sisters, along with 3 from the big batch I did a while back. They are also finished and off in the mail somewhere along with some very cool birthday gifts my friend made for me to give them. But I will post those another day, after the recipients have seen them.

Tutorial for Stay Put Kitchen Towels: http://pin-sew-press.blogspot.com/2010/05/tutorial-stay-put-kitchen-towel.html

I still have 5 empty towels left in my stash and 2 (at least) are getting made tonight. I think when I finish this stack I am DONE with these great towels, at least until mine look like garbage. :)

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  1. Perfect for your friends kitchen!
    When I see the towels pop up over blogland I always want to make some, and never do! Where do you get your plain white towels, so I know where to start? Thanks!