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Saturday, March 17, 2012

FNSI... some progress!

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Yesterday was Friday Night Sew In. I had two projects to work on, the zipper pouch and the quilt for my Dad. I got to work early because I wasn't sure what my evening schedule would be. So it was partly Friday afternoon sew in for me.

The zipper pouch was smooth sailing! Woohoo! And I found a great little tip in my files that made the zipper much easier. Don't use pins, use Lapel Stick. LOVE that stuff. I do wish they had a fine tip stick, which I sent them an email about. But really, I love it.

It is hopefully going in the mail tomorrow.

Once the kids were in bed I jumped in again.
The quilt. Hmmm. Not such a success.
I finalized a plan on paper. Did the math. Cut the fabric. Laid it out. YUCK! Re-arranged, and re-arranged some more. Still nothing. Then I finally got something that kind of works, but there is not enough fabric to complete the pattern AND my camera battery died. AND I can't find the charger.
 *sigh*. So I am stalled out.
  Here are the photos I got before the battery ran out of juice.

All cut and ready to jump in and make a great quilt!

Round 1 (the plan), not so great.

Round 2, no yellow blocks, UGH!!
But on a positive note, it is progress!


  1. Hopefully you can figure out the quilt, and make it so you love it!
    How fun to do FNSI! It was my first time :D

  2. Cute projects! The zippered pouch would be nice to have inside a larger tote or purse for a few essential items. I like the strap so that it is usable on it's own too.