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Thursday, February 23, 2012

A couple of recent projects

Just  a quick post to share a couple of things I made in the last few weeks.
First was a pincushion using this tutorial from the fun Simply Charmed blog hop hosted by Melissa at Happy Quilting. I planned on giving it to my MIL for her birthday when she came to stay with our kids during our cruise. However, it did not turn out very well. From afar it looks okay, but there is glue everywhere and it did not fill up enough, and really, it just looks like a second grader made it. (No offense to second graders.) Much to my dismay, my kids thoughtfully showed it to her and she accepted the gift graciously. :) At least it is functional if nothing else. I just hope it stays together.

Cookie Cutter Pincushion

Bottom of cookie cutter pincushion

The other little project was a set of small pillowcases for my 2 year old. She had been using the sham I made on her toddler bed and that pillow is way too big for the bed. I saw some travel pillows at Target so I got her one and yesterday we made her some pillowcases. I let her choose the fabrics from my stash and I made 3 cases for her. She loves them and the pillow fits her and her bed so much better!
The measurements for making a case for a 14"x 20" pillow are:
Band: 8" x 30"
Body: 20.5" x 30"
Just use the tube method (tutorial tab) to put it together.

Her pillow next to my pillow and the other 2 cases. My mom made the gross/ hilarious Muffin Tops pillow case for me for Christmas.
Her little pillow on her  bed.

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