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Saturday, January 14, 2012

New goodies!

I had a rockin' week when it came to mail.
First came my fabulous rainbow of hexies from Beth at A Wandering Minstrel I, also known as Threads 'n' Patches.

Hexagon Rainbow
Photo from Wand'ring Minstrel's Flickr Photostream http://www.flickr.com/photos/sonic_echo/
(I had to borrow her picture due to technical issues here.)
 Then I got the Reunion Layer Cake I won from Elizabeth at Don't Call Me Betsy, when she did her birthday giveaway. It is a really cool line. I need to think of something really great to make with it. It came from Pink Castle Fabrics.

Picture from http://www.dontcallmebetsy.com/2011/12/so-this-is-what-31-feels-like.html
(Another borrowed picture.)

Then I got the goodies I ordered to make a surprise for my Dad's birthday. We used to watch Rocky and Bullwinkle with him when we were kids. I had to get this fabric because it reminded me of him.

(Sorry for the lame picture. Like I said, technical issues. I had to take this with my phone and email it to myself. Blogging from my phone is not going well.)

I also got the pattern Come What May that just came out from Julie Herman of Jaybird Quilts.
I hope to take the class this May in San Marcos at the Quilt in a Day shop.Getting the pattern was step one. I have 4 more months to spread out spending my mad money on my class fee and getting the supplies.

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  1. Wow! That looks like some great mail! Looks like it will keep you busy too!