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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Work in Progress Wednesday: Oh my! It is progress!

Lat year I started making things for Christmas. Stockings, a tree skirt and advent calendar in coordinating fabrics.
But I got tired of them or something. :)
I decided that at the very least, I would finish the stockings so they could be used this year.
I made good progress today and probably would have finished if not for a family that was hungry. Priorities people! LOL
I will work some more on them tomorrow, but for now here is where I am.

The don't look too different from the last time I posted a picture. But they are. The tops are actually attached.
I need to put interfacing in the cuff, do the zigzag on the cuff and then just stitch them up.


  1. Me too! (Need to copy) I had an idea that this would be me new years project...matching stockings...and I like your idea...but I'm also pretty hooked on knit ones...know anyone that knits?

  2. The fabrics you have pick are so bright and cheery...very Christmasy

  3. You're almost done! You can do it!! They look good. I was going to make stockings this year and my ambition turned to nil. I didn't even start. I did, however, print out a patter for them. Does that count towards my favor?? :D

  4. Those are wonderful, I hope you have time to finish some or all of them!

  5. They're looking great! Can't wait to see them finished!