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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Work In Progress Wednesday

This week is a special week for W.I.P. Wednesday! It is the 1 year anniversary! Wow, did that ever fly by. It has been so fun seeing all the great projects and meeting talented people through this linky party. Thank you so much Lee at Freshly Pieced for hosting us every week. It has been a great year. :)

Here is what I have been working on the last week or so.

I pulled out my vintage sheet doll quilts that I started for my kids a while back. I needed something simple and straightforward that I knew I could make good progress on in the short times I have to sew each day. I got the second girl's top pieced and both the boy's tops are ready to be assembled into 4 patch blocks. It felt great to get something accomplished.

Girl's Doll Quilt Top #2
Doll Quilt Tops 2 and 1 (I had intended to reverse the block layout so they would be different but the same, but I forgot. Too much time between sewing the two. Guess I should make notes or something and keep them with my projects.)

Partial blocks for boys doll quilt tops.
Completed tops hangin’ out:
Sliced Coins
Neutral Mediterranean

Need to start:
Ashby baby quilt (fabric ordered!!)
Burp cloth

In Progress
4 vintage sheet doll quilts

No progress in 30+ days (UFOs):
Cherry Sweet Road to Ireland – quilted & needs to be bound
Sherbet – quilted & needs to be bound
Bliss – Needs borders
Block of the Month
Hot Wheels
Skill Builder QA
1 special doll quilt
Tree Skirt

This month's stats:
Completed projects - 6
     3 Diaper Clutches
     1 burp cloth
     2 tote bags
New projects to start - 2
Currently in progress – Too many!


  1. Cute vintage sheet prints. Doll quilts are so much fun.

  2. Great fussy cutting on those little squares. :)


  3. Doll quilts are a lot of fun, so quick and satisfying! I agree with Mary, great fussy cutting for those tiny squares! They're going to be just darling when they're finished!

  4. Oh, what CUTE little doll quilts!! I love them!!

  5. What cute fabric! Gotta love vintage sheets.

  6. From Jennifer at http://knotted-thread.blogspot.com/

    "love the vintage prints! great job"

    because I am a nerd who fatfingered the delete button instead of the publish button. Sorry Jennifer!

  7. What a neat idea to make doll quilts from vintage sheets! It wil give them a great feeling.

  8. Okay, everyone else already said cute fabric, but that really fits perfectly...

  9. just leaving another since you deleted the first one - hehe :)

  10. How fun is it that we were part of the original eight? My goodness your doll quilt tops are perfect. :)

  11. Those doll quilts are such fun!

  12. Those look like fun! Your blog is looking wonderful, I guess I read it in google reader a lot and miss the updates.

  13. Very cute! And that totally sounds like me, intending to make them different and forgetting!

  14. Those vintage sheet doll quilts are too cute!!! What a great idea.

  15. Too funny! I think I might need to take notes lately, too. Cute fabrics, can't wait to see them finished.

  16. Your vintage doll quilts are great and your right it feels good to make progress when you can!

  17. Love that fussy cutting on your doll quilt! Can you believe it's already been a year of all this linking? So fun :)

  18. I decided to make the rounds of Lee's original WIP-ers and leave a comment on each of their blogs, saying a thanks for helping her get this weekly event off the ground.

    While I was here, I had a fun time looking around your blog, reading about you (I'm LDS and live in SoCal, too!) and enjoying the ambience of your blog. You are quite a talented and interesting woman, although it appears you like Texas living, and I could hardly wait to come back to California (too hot in Dallas for me!). I did leave some good friends there though, and know a couple of others who have moved to the D/FW area.

    Anyway--just wanted to say thanks, and tell you I enjoyed reading your blog. I'll be back!

    Elizabeth E.

  19. The vintage sheets are adorable... Like that your're doing a girls and a boys doll quilt.

  20. I made my 3 granddaughters doll quilts for their birthdays this past August. I had fully intended on making more to sell in my etsy store. Just something to add to my list of things I didn't get to.

  21. Great use of the vintage sheets!

  22. Doll quilts are great fun. If you turn one of them one quarter turn, they'll be different. ;)

  23. I love the way small & simple projects make me feel so much more productive :) very nice quilts :)

  24. Love the doll quilts! Sweet fabric.

  25. Such great doll quilts! I never have any luck finding vintage sheets I want to use. Yours are so cute!

  26. What pretty doll quilts, I love them, such pretty fabrics!