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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Work in Progress Wednesday: Another Sneaky Peeky

It's that time again!
Zip over to Lee's to see what people are working on!

This week I only worked on the baby quilt I am making for a friend. The pattern is pretty straightforward, so no undue stress was involved. YAY! (Well other than trying to line up the plaid so it looks straight. Fail-ish)

The fabric is Fox Trails from Doohikey Designs for Riley Blake. I knew this would be perfect for this baby quilt the second I saw it. My friend (and her family) are big outdoors lovers. They camp and rock climb and bike and things like that. So cute camping fabric seemed like a good choice.

I did not like working with that plaid. It was a royal pain trying to keep both the pattern and cuts straight. I have one spot in particular that is annoying to me, but I didn't see it until the whole quilt was pieced. (Sorry C, I love you, but I am not undoing the whole quilt for one thing.)

So now I just need to fit the backing and baste it and I am going to attempt to quilt it myself. (Yikes!)

WIP Summary for the week:

Completed tops hangin’ out:
 Fox Trails baby quilt
Sliced Coins
Neutral Mediterranean

Need to start:
1 special doll quilt (urgent, Christmas gift)

In Progress
4 vintage sheet doll quilts
1 baby quilt

No progress in 30+ days (UFOs):
1 special doll quilt
Advent Calendar
Tree Skirt
Cherry Sweet Road to Ireland – quilted & needs to be bound
Sherbet – quilted & needs to be bound
Bliss – Needs borders
Block of the Month
Hot Wheels - finish the plan find the black fabric
Skill Builder QA - catch up, way behind!
MOTP QA - sashing
SuperNova - make more than 1 block!
+ a few more...

This month's stats:
Completed projects -
! baby quilt top
1 pillow sham
2 burp cloths
2 tooth fairy pillows

New projects to start - 2
1 special doll quilt
Table topper to put under my TV.


  1. It looks lovely! No one would think it was less than perfect, so go with that.

  2. I think your plaid looks great! That will be a very pretty quilt. Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday! : )

  3. I will love it for it's imperfections AND because it came from you!

    And it looks like I can't be mad at you for moving anymore, looks like we are out of texas come february!