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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

What I made last week.

The only thing I made last week was "Abby's hair" as littlest miss calls it. She loves all things Abby Cadabby from Sesame Street, and she got this costume for her birthday this summer, so her Halloween costume was all set. It came with dress, wings, wand, and pigtails.
I put the pigtail pompoms away to save for Halloween. Unfortunately, they vanished in the move. So I needed to come up with something else.
I made my own pompoms with 2 colors of cotton yarn and some variegated fiber. Then I wrapped a wide headband I got from the bridal section at Michael's with the purple yarn, gluing it down as I went and also tucking a bunch of strings from the pompom under the wrapping to help secure the pompoms. After that dried, I glued the underside of the pompoms down to keep them from twisting. Then I glued on some daisies. I ran out of time to trim them once the glue dried so they were very scraggly and uneven, but littlest miss did not seem to mind. :) She was happy to wear them for then entire night of trunk or treat on Saturday and again on Monday for Trick or Treat. She also wore them with her jeans and t-shirt to the grocery store this morning. I still need to trim them though. :)

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  1. How adorable! You did a great job making the new "Abby Hair"!