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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Baby gifts

A lady at my church just had a baby girl via c-section, and I am taking her dinner (Chicken Pot Pie and Almost Oreos) tonight, so I made a little gift to take too.

Of course it is a burp cloth. :) I used flannel scraps from this gift set.

Someone asked me once why I don't do the fabric down the long way on the diaper when I make burp cloths.  When Littlest Miss was a baby, I used one that had quilting cotton down the long way and everything just sort of rolled off it when the baby spit up on it. So I just do a strip across the bottom for the cute factor and leave the majority of the diaper exposed for absorbency. Note that flannel works fine to absorb, so I could put it down the long way, but I have gotten in the habit of doing the short way.

Also, I finally got around to trying out my idea to have a burp cloth with terrycloth on the back. I have seen these around, but never made one.

I used bar mop towels from Target for the terry cloth. I made a scrappy "cute" side with scraps of flannel left over from making this gift set.

Then I trimmed the towel to fit the front (I ran out of scraps) and zigzagged the edges to keep them from fraying. I sewed them wrong sides together, leaving an opening for turning, turned it, pressed it, top stitched around the whole thing and then did some random quilting.
It is not bad. Since I don't have a baby, I can't test it out, so I hope my recipient will let me know how it works for her.

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  1. What a great gift! And bringing meals to someone who's starting a new "normal" is a fantastic way to show you care. You are a great friend.

  2. Bringing meals to new moms is part of program in our church, called Visiting Teaching through the women's organization (Relief Society). Another lady and I are assigned to visit her and 2 other ladies once a month, get to know them and help where needed. When you move in, if you like, you get assigned ladies to visit you and you to visit other ladies. Every woman in the congregation gets to participate if they would like. It is a great way to keep tabs on everyone and make friends inside the church circle. I have only been her for two months and got my assignment on Sunday. I hadn't met her until yesterday. The Relief Society has a Compassionate Service leader to help make assessments ' for new moms, surgeries, longer illnesses and such. Otherwise the Visiting Teachers coordinate help for meals, cleaning and things like that.

    (http://lds.org/church/organization/how-the-church-is-organized?lang=eng scroll down to Relief Society for a better explanation)

    Thanks for stopping by! I appreciate the compliments! :)