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Friday, October 28, 2011

Yummy Mummies and Sticky Webs

 My youngest son has a Fall Carnival this Saturday and his class is in charge of cupcakes. I was going to go easy and just frost with canned icing and sprinkles and stick a plastic bat on top. UNTIL..
Facebook intervened. My friend posted her cupcakes made for her son and the mummies were so cute and looked so easy I had to do them instead.
I looked up a "how to" on YouTube HERE, cause I  am too lazy to experiment and figure it out myself. :)
They were fast and easy, and I sped through them, since the messy look is in for mummies.
And when I got tired of mummies I used my black gel to make spiderwebs and the brown m&ms became spiders with the help of chocolate jimmies
The jimmies idea was from a blog where she made eyeball and spider-y cake pops, that I have searched and searched for and can not find it. I apologize! The point being that they were a great idea that was not my own.(Putting them on was a royal pain though!).
My son loved them and so did I.

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