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Friday, October 14, 2011


Christine's Diaper Clutch

Here is the little project I made the other day that I could not share because it was a surprise for my friend. The one I wanted to keep because it turned out so fabulous. And she loved it! Yay!!

This is a diaper and wipes case from the tutorial on SewMamaSew. I prefer these to the vertical versions I see in blogland, because I find it easier to get the diapers in and out of them.
I didn't do the matching changing pads for these since I had to use what I had on hand and I didn't have enough fabric.

I think it is safe to share the other two I made as well for my other 2 friends, one of whom had her baby yesterday. Congrats to Allyson!

Allyson's Diaper Clutch

This one I did not have anything great to put on it to dress it up. Sorry it is plain Jane Allyson! :(

Kasia's Diaper Clutch
  This one is for a friend who loves purple and I've seen her wearing animal prints so I went with the zebra stripe on a darker purple satin ribbon to add some pizazz to that basic polka dot fabric.


 3 of 4 baby gifts made recently.

I have also made a couple of other things in the last week or two.

Littlest Miss's Trick or Treat bag, not modeled by Littlest Miss.
Tooth Fairy Pillows

Test Tote

The tooth fairy pillows were made for a couple of my 7- year-old's buddies back in Texas.  

The totes came about because my youngest can't quite manage the pillowcases I made the kids last year, and my Sister-in-Law wanted to make her boys trick or treat bags, so we got together to make them. 

The blue tote was a test to size up the tiny tot tote to make the trick or treat bags. It came out a little too long. The starting measurements were 12" x 18" I think.

The measurements we ended up with to make the Trick or treat bags were 13 3/4" x 15". They finished out to be just about 12"x12" and perfect for a good haul for a toddler.
I used a different assembly than I used in the Tiny Tot Tote, to hide the seams.  I think it is easier for a lined/reversible bag.  You can find the instructions at The Happy Zombie (Poochie bag). I think my tute still works great for a basic tote.

We did the handles the same as the Tiny Tot Tote though, instead of the ones in the Poochie Bag and we left the pockets off, since we were short fabric. We had a 1/2 yard of each fabric.

And that is my sewing recap for the week. :) 
Have a great day!


  1. Wow, look at you go!~ Love the diaper clutch and I just picked up cloth diapers today, because I want to make some burp cloths, like yours! Lots of todo's here, but little to-doing going on! =(

    Thanks for sharing your week with us! =)

  2. Love those diaper clutches. Thanks for sharing the link, I definitely want to make some of those!

  3. Those look like they could be used as purses not just nappy clutches! Beautiful designs!