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I am Amy, but here on the web I go by A.J. Dub. And hey, I like to craft!
Sometimes things turn out well so I will share with you how I did it.
Sometimes they don't turn out well and I will share that with you too!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Have I mentioned...

I am moving in a few short weeks (at least that is the plan), and the preparations have been time consuming. Add to that the fact that 95% of my crafting supplies are in a storage unit and it doesn't leave me much to blog about or time to do it.

You all have my sincere apologies for the boring-ness around here of late, and I hope that you will ride this out with me so when I am settled in the new place and kids are in school and I have my craft on, I will still have some bloggy buddys to share with. :)

In the meantime, peruse the recipes, tutorials and old posts. :)


  1. I can imagine you are plenty busy preparing for your move. Looking forward to your blogging return :)