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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

WIP Wednesday: Flying by the seat of my pants!

Howdy! Wednesday is here and it is about time I had something to share!
But first, make sure I am not the only blog you check out on this Work In Progress Wednesday!Click below to see other great stuff linked up at Lee's.

What with my newly crazy summer schedule and 4 kids at home to entertain, pretty much all my projects have been sidelined, except for the Pillow Fight for a Cause projects. What I am currently working on fits in with the criteria purely by chance. (Don't forget to link up to that, by the way!)

Littlest Miss here is about to be 2 years old. (Wow that went fast!) We are getting ready to set up the toddler bed for her. Big Brother is back in the same room with Bigger Brother, so Littlest Miss gets to have a little girly room all to herself. We already have the perfect quilt thanks to Grandma, but I wanted a pillow sham to finish off the look. Last week I posted about the quilt and the fabric hunt. And I was able to find some yardage! Yay!

This afternoon I made some time to start. Here is where the flying by the seat of my pants comes in. I perused some patterns and tutorials and nothing was exactly what I wanted. So I sort of took hints from here, and tips from there, and got started. I decided that since the quilt is a busy pattern I would keep the sham front simple. And it is.
So far, I have the front pieced, sandwiched and basted.
I had not planned on quilting this at all, just having more of a pillowcase look. But the more I thought about it, the look I wanted was going to need quilting or interfacing. I decided to go with interfacing. But I was out of interfacing. And since I am not a patient person, I switched to quilting. :)
 And here we are.
Next up is quilting and then I figure out how to make it a sham.

Looks kind of like watermelon. :)
 After I had it pieced, it occurred to me that piping between the 2 fabrics might have been nice, maybe pulling the brown in from the quilt. Oh well. Next time.

Happy WIP day!


  1. oh cool! I didn't realize that the yardage you found was the match to the quilt fabric you were looking for. That's awesome!

  2. Very pretty! I agree with the watermelon comparison, which just seems summery and happy. : ) Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday!

  3. That looks like it will turn out nicely! Enjoy your summer with the little ones!