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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

So very busy

At least I get to sleep in.
That is what I am telling myself to get through this week. Today and tomorrow are the craziest. Here is my schedule from today.

Sleep late. (Bliss)
9-ish be dressed and ready for the day. Switch the laundry and motivate kids to doing their chores and do my chores. Grocery shop.
10:50 head to swim lessons.
11:30 done with swim lessons, home for lunch
12:ish eat lunch and clean up, switch laundry (fold?) check off chores with kids.
12:45 head to basketball camp with boys.
Catch up on whatever needs catching up on. Finish chores, do email and blogs if time.
3:20 head to pick up #1 son early from BB camp to meet up with carpool for Scout camp
3:45 drop off at scout camp carpool
4:00 start dinner (actually I'm blogging, who needs food!)
4:30 Head to Activity Days for Daughter #1
4:50 Head to School to pick up son#2 from BB camp
5:00 Finish dinner prep
5:30 head to pick up Daughter #1
6:00 Have dinner (I hope it is ready)
7:00 clean up dinner and kitchen and tidy up
7:30 do stuff with kids, stories, scriptures get ready for bed
8:30 Kids go to bed, I collapse.

And in the midst of this I am (and this may be TMI) having intestinal distress (since Saturday) and it's that most lovely time of the month.

But next week will be somewhat easier. And at the end of the month I get to take a little vacation with hubby to Southern California!

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  1. I've never heard such a wonderfully delicate term as intestinal distress - it made me chuckle. Wow - you are going to be one busy lady.

    Hope it goes much less frantic than it sounds - at least you know what you're doing which is always half the battle.

    Love Shell x