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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Skill builder progress: Block 1 Complete

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I made my first block tonight in the skill builder quilt along that Leila is hosting. The only trouble I had was wanting those medallions in the green and red fabrics to line up so I ended up cutting those strips again and matching them up by the pattern then trimming them down. I also had to seam rip, but that was because my seam allowances got sewn in 2 different directions, making it not lay flat.
I think I should have used a stronger/different color where the green is. It looks too much like the yellow, giving it the square in a square look instead of the log cabin look.  But this is about learning so I am leaving it, as a sort of reminder to check values!
Speaking of which, the next block is all about values, and I don't have much to work with in this line, so I will probably have to pull from the stash, which is kind of skimpy. Hopefully it will work. I was itching to get going on block 2 tonight but I think it is getting too late. Looks like I won't have both June blocks under my belt before June ends, since I will be in California relaxin' with the hubby until the end of the week. Such a hard row to how, but I think I will manage. :)


  1. You did a good job matching up the design in the fabric! I like that! Have fun in California!


  2. I really like this. I recently tried my first log cabin block after years of wanting to make a log cabin quilt. It's so much work! Great pairing of colors.