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Thursday, June 23, 2011

A sham (almost)

First, let me say that I have the best Mother in Law. Ever. She is so helpful and generous! Today I took over her living room and her (awesome) Husqvarna Viking sewing machine, and she showed me how to fix my binding issue, how to start the thread to machine quilt, and she fed me and my 4 yahoos a hot lunch. Yes, she did.
And so because of her, I have something to share! Yay!

Look! I quilted! And the lines are straight! (Yes I know they veer off to one side, but they all do it together!)

I learned some things while doing this. First, find your center and mark it, before you sew. Second, mark your first sewing line, before you sew. Guessing gets you veering. Third,  I like fancy schmancy sewing machines. :)

Now on to trimming and cutting the back!

Oh, and just for kicks, try and pronounce this word I learned  reading The Whistling Season last night.

Charivari. (No fair clicking the link until you guess, even if it's only in your head.)


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  1. Charivari - who knew? I'd heard of a shivaree before but not in the context of THAT explanation. In our "neck of the woods" yes, it's a loud intrusion on newlyweds, but it's all meant in good fun.