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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Pillow Fight for a Cause: Second pillowcase(s)

Today I made the boy pillowcases. Technically I could do separate posts for these, I guess, and get two entries, but that seems a tad selfish. :)
This is fabric from Michael's (I talked about it a bit in this post) and my son picked it out. We discovered that while they have some really fun fabrics, they are, in general,very feminine or floral. I also learned that our Michael's is a test store for the fabric. I hope they keep it. It is pretty nice fabric, if a little short on boy stuff.  It did turn out to not be so great for pillowcases because it wrinkles rather easily.
I bought a yard of each fabric, which makes 2 pillowcases. 3/4yard for the body and 1/4 yard for the cuff.

Both of these will be getting sent off to the pillowcase drive at the link below.

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