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Monday, June 13, 2011

An excellent experience

As you know, I was trying to track down a fabric line from 2009 and I found it on a couple of different sites. I ended up using 2 of them to get what I needed.
I just wanted to share what I found to be excellent customer service with one of the 2 shops I used.
First, I had made a note in my order, that if they had more than what was listed, would they please contact me.
They contacted me within 3 hours of placing my order to tell me that their inventory was incorrect and they had a little less than what I had ordered and did I still want it? (They had even checked for stray fat quarters for me.)
So that was the first thing I was impressed with. Timely communication and being thorough with my order, making no assumptions about what I wanted.
Then, after I had replied with my requests, about 6 hours later I had an email with tracking information! That also impressed me. I didn't have to go to my account, or log in, they just sent it to me. Fabulous!
So they were quick to fill my order, ship it and communicate that with me.

I am thinking you want to know who I am talking about!
image from http://supposecreatedelight.com/store/index.php

I had never heard of them before I searched for this fabric, but I will probably shop there again if I need to order online.
Thanks Suppose!

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