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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tasty Tuesday: Sort of a guest post

A few months ago I stumbled across Pots and Pins, a fabulous blog with not only some quilty goodness, but Oh My HECK! The food! I have bookmarked so many of her recipes I have to give the blog it's own folder. Maybe I will print them all and make a recipe book. Hmmm.
Anyway, the other day she posted rolls. I love a good roll, yes indeedy and these looked mighty good. I have a roll recipe that I love, but my sweet hubby does not enjoy them so much. So these looked like a good one to try out.
I was making pizza dough, so I already had a flour-y kitchen, so another batch of dough was no trouble.
I scalded my milk and set my butter to soften (I had to go pick up kids from activities between batches of dough), then made pizza and roll dough.
The pizza was good, the rolls fabulous!
So run on over to Pots and Pins and try some of Mrs. Millward's Rolls. Then take a cruise around the blog and see what other treats, both fabric and food you can find. Yum!


  1. Great. Now I want fresh bread. :)

  2. Those look really good and I am thinking I need to make those tomorrow.