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Friday, May 20, 2011

A little sewing done!

Yesterday, I did not have to go anywhere, so when nap time came around, I was ready to roll. My kindergartner adores his teacher and according to him, she loves butterflies. He saw some fabric I had left over from a project ages ago, like maybe 8 or 9 years(?) that had lots of butterflies and asked me if I would make something for his teacher. So I made a little zipper pouch, with the same pattern I have used before. I ruined the flower I made for it and surprisingly had no other fabric to make another one, so it is plain Jane. But my son does not care, so it's good.

And since I still had plenty of butterfly fabric left, I decided to make a simple skirt, using the tutorial here on Made.
And simple it was! I did it! Baby girl liked it too.


  1. The zippered pouch is perfect - I'm sure your son's teacher will love it. And the skirt is adorable - but not as cute as the little girl wearing it :)

  2. What a sweet thing for your son to ask. And what an adorable pouch. I am sure his teacher will love it.

  3. Your baby girl is adorable. Remember that when puberty comes along LOL.
    Aren't teacher gifts fun? I like coming up with something unique for each one. No "Best Teacher" mugs will come from this family!!!!!!!!
    So she's getting a quilty gift too.
    I might have to copy your zip pouch. It is just too sweet!

  4. I think my last comment disappeared!

    What gorgeous fabric but I agree, not as gorgeous as the little girl wearing it - such a sweetie!

    The zippered pouch is great, I'm sure it well get loads of use, how thoughtful of your son.