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Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Angelman Syndrome Foundation National Walk-a-Thon

This Saturday is the Angelman Syndrome Foundation National Walk-a-Thon, and my family and I are participating here in the DFW area. I got to volunteer last year, and I will be this year as well and it is a great experience. I participate because my little friend Covey has Angleman Syndrome, and we feel it is important to support and help our friends. If you would like to read a little about Covey and donate to Covey's team that would be wonderful! There are just 2 days left to try to reach the goal of $1000, but  Team Covey is not even halfway! Every little bit helps, so please, go read about Covey and see if this is something you can support. Thanks for your time!

Covey riding his bike

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