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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

WIP Wednesday

*UPDATE: I finished my part of the shop sample. Yay!

Keeping it brief today, I am a tiny bit overwhelmed with all the stuff I have to take care of today. And doing a cut and paste from a previous post to make it easy.

Sleepytime Baby


Collab. Baby quilt


1 hat

1 Dresden plate


Baby receiving Blanket, borders and back need to be pieced/added
3 out of 4 costumes need to be finished
Zippy purse swap: Fabrics and zipper are purchased cutting needs to be started.
Shop sample of Naptime baby quilt needs to be pieced (same pattern as Sleepytime, just an updated version.) SEE UPDATE!
Tumbler project needs to go somewhere?
Need to cut my 2.5inch squares for TKS.
Supernova Quilt Along: Need to cut the rest of the  blocks
Stacked Coins (3): Given to me by MIL to make
Scripture case(s)
Block of the Month: no change
MOTP LC QA: All blocks complete, just need to purchase fabric to finish.
Bliss: needs borders
Cherry: needs to be quilted
Spur: being hand quilted, about half way I think.
Sherbet: needs to be quilted
Tree skirt: needs to be pieced etc.
Stockings: Cut and ready to sew
Advent Calendar: ?
Hot wheels: still languishing as a fabric stack
Dragon: needs to be trimmed and bound
Vacation 2010: ?
Treasures of the Southwest ? Anyone want to swap for this fabric?
Teal and Brown: still on the quilting frame
Mckenzie: still a fabric stack
Lavender: still collecting fabric
Repro Wedding ring: searching for fabric
Sliced Coins: needs to be quilted and bound
Very Hungry Caterpillar: partially cut and waiting to be pieced
Chelsy's block project: still just one block done
T-shirt quilt: still looking to add  one more fabric and will be doing a disappearing 9 patch, I think
Flour sack towels: still waiting
Buckaroo baby quilt (mine): waiting
Spool table runner: pieced but needs borders


  1. Oh my but your WIP list is long but it looks like a lot of them are in their finishing stages. Congrats on all of your completions!

  2. that sleepytime baby quilt is just beautiful! love it! And very cool hat.

  3. Lovely projects, I especially like the dresden plate and its colours.

  4. You did a stunning job on the hat.

  5. Hey, look at all those finishes! Awesome! The collaborative baby quilt is just beautiful. Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday. : )

  6. cool hat!
    you make me feel like all the projects I am trying to do pale in comparison to your list!

  7. Love the shop sample - the white really accentuates the happy patterns!

    And all those finished works: I am in awe of your productivity. :)

  8. Sleepytime baby is precious. Yikes on the list of projects - understand your overwhelm-ed-ness!

  9. I adore that hat! And hih did you get your dresden to lay flat? I am having such a time with mine!

  10. You asked if anyone wanted to swap for your Southwest fabric. I don't know what it looks like, and it doesn't really matter to me. But what kind of fabric do you want to swap for it?