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Friday, April 22, 2011

Sleepytime Baby Quilt Done!

Yesterday I finished binding the baby quilt so I can get it in the mail tomorrow!
I used the Elmer's Glue tutorial that Susan posted about HERE and the video tutorials are HERE.
It was pretty darn awesome. It made things so easy! (Except sewing down the mitred corners by hand, that was a little stiff.) But overall it made things really easy. I machine bound both edges for durabilitys sake.
But, I screwed up sewing the second seam. I wasn't paying attention and kept on trucking with a 1/4 inch seam. ALL THE WAY AROUND. So the edge of my binding was flappin' in the breeze on the front. NOT cool.  So I sewed another seam close to the edge and then watched Harry Potter 7 part one while I ripped out the first seam. I reinforced the mitres, and then I snapped some pictures, (and just now, this second, realized I forgot the label!) and threw it in the washer to eliminate the glue. I almost did a zigzag over the edge, but decided not to. It looks alright. I need some practice sewing straight lines. The quilting was done by Cindy at the Alford Inn. She used a pretty variegated thread and a swirly flower pattern.
Here are some pictures:

See my seams. :) Oops!


  1. Wonderful quilt! You did a great job!!

  2. I love this quilt! Just another reason why I am passing on the "stylish blogger award" to you! I don't have your email address -but I'm happy to give you more information via email ... I linked your blog to my post:

    if you can send me your email address I'd be happy to forward you more information! Thanks so much for all your blog posts - I love all that you do!
    my email is in my profile! =)

  3. Love the variegated thread! And I so admire your free motion quilting. One of these days...