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Friday, April 29, 2011

Project Selvage Contest

My friend Crystal made the top ten in the Spoonflower/Michael Miller Project Selvage Contest and now you can go vote! You only get one vote.  I actually really liked Crystal's the best even though there were some really fab designs. Hers is cute, I love the colors and the design, and the collection to me has a nice balance of patterns and values which are important in quilting. Then of course, even though there was another one I liked, supporting her put me over the top as far as voting went. (I hope the designers who don't win keep their designs up to purchase on Spoonflower though!)

So please go vote and support those 10 great designers!

Also, she pick me and one other gal out of I don't know how many submissions to make a sample with her new fabric!I am excited and a tiny bit nervous. I really want to make her fabric shine. :)

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