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Friday, April 1, 2011

1 Little Quilt Top

I got one of the doll quilt tops done today. It turned out cute and was so simple. How can squares not be. :)

 The sheet all cut up.

 Packing up the rows.


Top 1 all ready to go. 

Also, did anyone note Google's April First stuff today? Gmail Motion for example? Too Funny. Or do a Google search for "Comic Sans". Or click this: autocompleter.

Happy April Fools day!
And Happy Birthday to my sis. Love ya !


  1. What a lovely doll quilt

    Jackie x

  2. Hi,

    You wanted to know where the binding video was. This is the URL:


    I had provided it my previous 2 posts, so I didn't post the link a third time. Hope this helps.

    Susan in Texas