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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

WIP Wednesday

How did it get to be Wednesday already!? Sheesh!
I missed posting a WIP post last week so I should have made some good progress right? :)

Well I made some progress, here and there.
I made an effort to get the vintage sheet ready for cutting by removing all the elastic (That was yucky! Old elastic is sticky.) And the tiny binding. It is now partially ironed. This really means I have to iron the whole thing again since I had to fold it back up to iron other things.

I made 2 bags, one for me and one for church nursery snack toting.

I attempted to make my block 11 for the Moose on the Porch Layer Cake QA but can not for the life of me get the pieces to be the same lengths when I sew them together. They all measure right and my seams were correct. So I unpicked around 8 seams and then tossed it in a basket to finish when I have more patience. :)


Cancer blocks: mailed
Just One Star Blocks: mailed
2 bags

The ever growing, now incredibly intimidating list of WIPS in no particular order:

Block of the Month: no change
MOTP LC QA: See above note
Baby quilt: ready to be trimmed and bound
Bliss: needs borders
Cherry: needs to be quilted
Spur: being hand quilted, but no progress for a while
Sherbet: needs to be quilted
Tree skirt: needs to be pieced etc.
Stockings: Cut and ready to sew
Advent Calendar: ?
Hot wheels: still languishing as a fabric stack
Dragon: needs to be trimmed and bound
Vacation 2010: ?
Southwest: ? Anyone want to swap for this?
Teal and Brown: still on the quilting frame
Mckenzie: still a fabric stack
Lavender: still collecting fabric
Repro Wedding ring: searching for fabric
Sliced Coins: needs to be quilted and bound
Very Hungry Caterpillar: partially cut and waiting to be pieced
Chelsy's block project: still just one block done
T-shirt quilt: still looking to add more fabrics and decide on a pattern
Flour sack towels: still waiting
Buckaroo baby quilt: waiting
Spool table runner: pieced but needs borders


Supernova Quilt Along: Need to cut and sort the fabrics
Stacked Coins (3): Given to me by MIL to make
Zippy purse swap
Scripture case(s)

iPhone cover
Pencil case for my purse
Thread catcher: I found my old scrapbooking cup and mini trash bag and clipped it to my desk to use just like the thread catcher and I don't use it. It is too small. So I figure I probably wouldn't use the thread catcher either.


  1. Holy moly, your list of projects puts me and my overachieving self to shame! Wowza!!

  2. Wow! That's a lotta WIPs - but if you're like me, you like to have just the right project when the inspiration strikes!

    The bags are super cute!

  3. Those bags are cute! Great spring colors.

  4. Oh wow, your WIP list is CRAZY! Are they seriously all started?! Your totes are really cute.

  5. Adorable bags! I'm blown away by your list, as usual. : ) Thanks for linking up, have a wonderful week!

  6. Your list are both inspiring and intimidating! On Texas Quilting they had a post about the power of ten. Even that is to much for me! I like this comment one of the guest on The Quilt Show made: One decision at a time. I decided to make this my motto for the rest of the year.

  7. Wow! That is quite a list. Clearly, I need to find some more projects. :)