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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

WIP Wednesday


It's a Windy WIP Wednesday which made for frustrating picture taking this morning. I am still trying to get back in my happy place from that disaster. BUT that said, I have had a satisfying sewing week so I have some progress to share.
And, I am not going to list out all my things this week, just the ones I have worked on, cause you all know I have a huge ole list.

First is the spool table runner.
I bought a tiny little laminated card with the pattern for this table runner and used fabrics from my stash to make it. I obviously need to sandwich it still, but I think I want to add a border or something so I set it aside for now. It was pretty fun to make and I will make another one that is more scrappy sometime down the road.

 Next is the latest block in the Moose on the Porch Layer Cake Quilt Along.I was getting really behind so I made it a priority to catch up. I still have 2 to go but I am feeling relief at getting closer.

I LOVE how this flower turned out. It was a pattern from Kari Ramsay (Fresh Cut Quilts), whose patterns I love, btw, and she has a really cute line of fabric out called Tidbits which you can get from her Esty shop or the Fat Quarter Shop.... rambling. Sorry. As I was saying I love this block and it is now one of my 2 favorites from this quilt along. In the picture I have it on point, but it will not be that way in the quilt.

 Last night I knocked out the next 2 blocks that were in my pattern stack. This first one gave me no end of trouble. None of my pieces were the same size so I fudged a lot of seams to get it to even remotely match up. It is kind of a train wreck block and the sad thing is I have no clue why everything was so off! So don't look too closely at this one.

 The last one I also managed to mess up and by the time I realized it, there were 8 seams that would have needed to be un-sewn, so I left it. Basically the pinwheel is spinning in the opposite direction from the pattern. Not worth seam ripping at 11pm.

This is the original block from the designer, Celine Perkins.   

And here are all the blocks I have made so far. I have plans to finish the remaining 2 tonight since Daddio has to work late.

And those are my current Works In Progress. Feel free to jump over to Freshly Pieced to see what others are working on. There's some fab stuff happenin' out there!


  1. Your blocks look great and I love the colors! Happy quilting ;0)

  2. wow, you've been making some good progress on all those blocks. I love the spool table runner. So cute!

  3. The table runner looks great! And nice job on all the Moose on the Porch blocks.

    Thanks for linking up, have a fabulous week! : )

  4. All of your blocks are coming together so nicely!